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Filing for an Extension


An extension is a written agreement between Boone Electric Cooperative and the member who requests more time to pay their bill. Extensions are granted for one week beyond the scheduled cutoff date. The full extension amount must be paid on or before 5 p.m. on the extension due date.

Members must request an extension and sign the agreement before the day they are scheduled to be cutoff for non-payment. The member must come into the office to sign the agreement. No extensions are granted on existing extensions or on accounts that already have been disconnected for non-payment.

Members will be limited to four (4) extension agreements per account each calendar year (Jan-Dec).

Failure to keep the terms of an extension agreement will result in the normal collection process to be reinstated. At such time;

  1. Your electric service will be subject to disconnection due to nonpayment. 
  2. A collection fee of $25 will be automatically added to your account(s).

If the member defaults on any extension agreement, no further extensions will be granted for a 12-month period from the date of default. The member may then be required to pay an additional security deposit of two (2) times the highest bill for electric services incurred or estimated for the most recent twelve 12-month period at the service location.

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